Why Paleo? 

Monday, 14 January 2013



Just recently I have been posting some dishes that I have been making on to my facebook page. I've had a lot of interest and comments about the recipes as I have kept the food as carb free as I possibly can.

I train and fight in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the weight bracket 58.6 - 64kg (Light). I spent the whole of 2012 in this bracket and I know that it didn't really suit my build so I wanted to go down to fight in the under 58.5kg weight bracket (Feather).
Throughout my whole 20's I was around 55kg. It suited me fine, but I wasn't in to the sports that I am into today, so I was a little worried that the muscle that I carry around now wouldn't allow me to get there again. I'm not really sure how I got up to the 60 mark, maybe when I started baking really nice cakes and generally just being happy with the way I looked. I wasn't over weight and never had a problem with how I looked. I had learned to love and accept my body, especially as I was keeping it fit and healthy from all the exercise I was doing.

I started my clean healthy diet at the beginning of December 2012 at 61kg. I was eating 3 meals a day and starting off with Porridge and eating little carbs for lunch and dinner. My healthy weakness is Nairns Oat Biscuits with peanut butter on top, and basically peanut butter full stop. I can quite easily get through a jar per week no problem as I make Peanut butter balls made with oats, honey and protein powder.
Over Christmas I ate as little carbs as possible and my weight fluctuated between 59 - 58kg. I was ill around this time too with the Noro Virus, so I was feeling pretty weak and skinny. I still had a few cheat days and allowed myself some chocolate, biscuits and my mums home made Christmas pudding.

Once January 2nd came, I knew that I had to get really serious about my weight as I had 3 weeks until the European championships in Portugal. So I started the day with an omelette. 3 eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach. It felt really odd eating something other than porridge for breakfast.
My friend and training partner Kerry told me that she makes her omelettes with 2 eggs and 2 egg whites. Its less fat and you still get a good amount of protein in your diet. So from then on, thats how I made them.

With a Paleo diet, people describe it as a Caveman style diet and sticking to meat and veg. This is a little difficult when you don't eat meat. I love Fish and often cook with Quorn, so sticking to those, I wanted to prove that it wasn't going to be a difficult thing to do.
From 2nd January until now, I made my feather weight division weight and weigh 55.6kg. Dropping around 2.5kg in 12 days and feeling really good about it too. Now its about maintaining the weight with over a week to go until the championships.

In this blog I will add recipes that are really simple to make.... I'm no top chef and I like to keep things as simple and as tasty as possible. I have a lot of friends who follow this diet too for well being and also to keep their weight down for Jiu Jitsu competitions and MMA fights, and they have given me a lot of ideas and inspired these dishes too.