Kinetic Martial Arts Instructors

Jolie Boyle

Jolie is the head instructor for Kinetic Martial Arts, teaching both Adults and kids kickboxing. She is a 3rd degree black belt in Kickboxing since October 2016 under the WUMA federation. Jolie is a fully qualified instructor and CRB checked enabling her to teach classes as well as a one to one session to adults and children. Jolie puts her skills in to practice and competes in kickboxing. She won 1st place at the WUMA world cup in October 2011 and has had successes with 2nd and 3rd place light continuous competitions previous to this. Jolie also fought in a K1 bout for a charity event at The Emirates stadium in London and has fought in boxing for Lions boxing gym.

As well as Kickboxing, Jolie also trained in Muay Thai and was lucky enough to train in the motherland at Cobra Gym with Master Pop on Koh Phagnan. Since May 2011 Jolie has been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and in May 2013 became the British Female Blue Belt Feather weight champion, also No Gi Lightweight European Champion, then in November 2014 Jolie became the Master 2 blue belt feather weight World Champion. Jolie was ranked number 1 in the World in the IBJJF rankings under blue belt Master 2 featherweight. At purple belt she competed regularly and was ranked number 2 in the world amongst all the weight classes. She has since been promoted to Brown belt and has won the IBJJF British No Gi Championship, Dublin No Gi and is the 2019 the Pan American Open class champion. She trains with Daniel Lewis and the Saint Albans BJJ team under Nick Brookes of Mill Hill BJJ and in 2020 ranked Number 1 in the world for her age and belt. 

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Gemma Old

Gemma teaches the Tuesday kids class and is the assistant instructor for the kids classes on Saturday mornings with Jolie. 

Her martial arts journey started as a young girl at the age of 6 in Japanese ju jitsu. She trained regularly for 8 years and achieved her yellow belt. 

Martial arts runs through Gemma's family as her dad is an 8th Dan Black belt in Ju Jitsu, and her daughter comes to the kids kickboxing classes. 

Gemma didn't realise how much she missed training martial arts until Olivia joined the Kinetic Martial Arts team, so she continued with her journey in 2015.

Gemma is a valid member of the team and very rarely misses a class of training. She's a hard worker in the class and a brilliant teacher coach for the children. Gemma is CRB checked and is a first aider.

Outside of kickboxing, Gemma has a full time job as a learning support assistant with primary school children. She enjoys seeing the progress children make in her job and also in the kickboxing class. Watching the improvement of children is very fulfilling for Gemma. That's what makes her a great coach. 

June Lloyd

June is the assistant instructor to the Leopards kids class and both the Tigers and Lions kids classes on Saturday's. 

She started training in kickboxing with Kinetic Martial Arts in 2014 and is now training for her black belt. 

Outside of kickboxing, June is an LSA in a primary school in the mornings and teaches PE in the afternoons. She runs a kickboxing session in school aimed at children with Autism, ADHD and Dyspraxia. She is also studying for her BSc (Hons) degree in Sport, Fitness and coaching. She is first aid trained and has a level 2 coaching certificate awarded by the B.C.C.M.A.

June has competed in kickboxing at the Rampage event in Kent, she also completes many sporting challenges in running and cycling.