Thai Pomelo Salad Pots


Pomelo's come from Thailand and can be quite difficult to come across.  Occasionally they can be found in Sainsbury's, but if you can't find them, Mango or Pineapple is a good replacement.






Red onion



Peel the Pomelo. You may find it easier to cut it first with a knife.

The skin is really thick, it is edible, but too tough to enjoy. 

Take the pulp out of the skin and place in a bowl. You may not want to use all of the Pomelo for the salad, I didn't as I like it as a snack, straight from the fridge.

Seperate the pulp so it's in little pieces, then add a handful of cashews, thinly sliced or diced red oinions and the chilli's.

That's it!

Pop it in to pots to make it look lovely and presentable and make a nice starter, lunch addition or and addition with a fish dish. Simple isn't it!?










































Or you can try the salad with Mango or Pineapple.

They look just as great in the little pots.














Jolie x