Paleo on the go 

Friday, 1 February 2013


Last week I flew to Lisbon in Portugal for the IBJJF European championships. My flight was late afternoon and I knew that easyjet airlines wouldn't be serving anything remotely Paleo friendly in the journey, so I made sure I could find something in the departures lounge to take with me.
There were a lot of take away salads in boxes with no carbs, but they were full of meat, then I found this baby from Pret a Manger....














Tuna salad with boiled egg. Perfect!
The dressing even had it's own pot, so i kept it there and it didn't interfere with my diet.

I weighed in at the Euro's at 57.2kg with my Gi. A perfect feather weight and room to spare if I needed it. I came 3rd in my division and took home a nice shiny Bronze medal for my effort.