Strictly Paleo

Saturday, 20 April 2013


This week I have been back on the Paleo 100%. I'm being really strict with myself now until after the British open. No cheat days, no alcohol, no carbs!
Since competing in the Abu Dhabi pro trials back in February, I have been on and off Paleo. Eating few carbs, and lots of Haribo, Green & Black Chocolate, and my ultimate downfall, cakes and biscuits! I have kept my training up, but not been running as much. Thankfully today my weight was just 58kg. I have 2 weeks to drop a minimum of 1.5kg for the Southern Open, my practise run for the British.
The unfocused eating habits all changed this week when my focus was on my goals and my goals are competing to the best I can. I train a lot more than I did last year, my diet is better and I feel fitter. I have a lot to prove to myself at this years British Open. I messed up big time last year and was so annoyed at myself. Even though I am a higher belt grade this year, I'll be in a lower weight catagory and have a lot more knowledge and competition experience.








What I have found in the Jiu Jitsu comunity is how many people are now following the Paleo diet. A friend who I see often at the women's open mat, Jenny, is now on her way to dropping a weight division, feather, like me, but she is a white belt. She asked on facebook what the best way was to drop weight without training. I butted in and said 'follow the Paleo diet'.

I'm not going to lie, you don't feel great when you start off. I found that this week when I got back on the wagon. I felt a little tired and my stomach felt strange. By the 3rd day, I felt better, had more energy. Someone described the first week of Paleo as having flu like symptoms. It's not like that at all. You just feel a little low in energy as your body adjusts to the change in diet.

Today is Saturday and the sun is shining, I've trained already today, even though it was tough training I feel like I could train a whole lot more.

Speaking of training. Since I stopped my crossfit membership and gone it alone (in my regular gym). I found that there is everything I need there and I have everything in my head to push me to keep going, especially since I have been given some really great WOD ideas.
My friend and one of my training partners at Carlson Gracie Essex in Colchester, James Wheatley has a really awesome blog. James is a personal trainer and a Muay Thai coach, as well as the only Ginastica Natural (look it up on YouTube) teacher in Essex, maybe even England?
You can find out more about James's workouts on his blog here:
Zenshin Fitness Systems
Honestly, check it out, he's a really kool guy and knows what he's talking about.

I'm waiting on a delivery of cashew and almond butter on Monday, so unlike most, I can't wait for the weekend to be over so I can get it. I've got some more ideas for Veggie Paleo food up my sleeve ready to share with you. For now though, it's Saturday and having a night of Chilling with DVD's with the boyfriend and Chilli leaf Taco's for dinner. Mmmm



Have a great weekend!

Jolie x