Fresh Snacks 

Thursday, 7 February 2013


We all like to snack and the honest truth is, its good for us! It keeps our metabolism going and keeps it at a healthy rate, more so than if we were to go hungry and wait for our next meal.
If I'm out all day, I tend to load my bag up with snacks to keep me going throughout the day. It also reduces the temptation to grab a carb loaded snack when I'm out.

Although fruit has carbohydrates, they are the carbs that are good for you. It's not good to stick to a protein only diet, we need the unprocessed carbs to keep our body functioning as it should. Can you imagine going to the toilet if fruit and veg didn't play a big part in our diet? Ouch! Is all I'm saying.

So on to the snacks that I find curb the hunger pangs nicely.

Pineapple is ont of my favourite fruits. It's so good for your skin. I like to chop it up and leave in a plastic container in the fridge, so whenever I fancy a piece, or 2 or 3, its already there for me.















Almonds are highly calorific, about 8 calories each, so around 10 per day should be fine and keep hunger away.














Cherry tomatoes are lush, especially the organic plum ones. I'm a huge fan!















Sugar snap peas. Some people don't like to eat them raw, but I think they are lovely. They are so good for you and rich in fibre.














A short but sweet post today, but hopefully you get the idea when it comes to snacking. When people say its good to snack, it really is, just not on all that processed rubbish.

Jolie x