Chilli Leaf Taco's


Quorn Mince
Fajita Seasoning
Red Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Chopped tomatoes
Red onion
Lettuce leaves - I used baby gems
Grated cheese


Heat a pan with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Fry the onion then add the peppers, quorn mince, fajita seasoning and chilli's. Make sure all the ingredients are covered with the seasoning and chilli and then add the chopped tomatoes and simmer on a lower heat.
Once the filling is cooked, take off the heat.
Arrange the lettuce leaf on a plate and spoon in the filling. Add a little grated cheese on top.

















A little tip when eating as they can get a little messy. Eat from the outside of the leaf to the centre.
Not a great meal if you are trying to impress a guy or girl, but they do taste amazing!


Jolie x