1 Acai pouch
6 cubes of ice
1/4 can of coconut milk
Small dash amount of water
Tablespoon of Honey
Handful of Raspberries
4 Large Strawberries
This makes 2 glasses of Acai or one large one!


Crush the ice in your blender
Add the Acai (slightly thawed) to the blender, then add the fruit, honey coconut milk and dash of water.















If you want to make more of a smoothie, add a banana to the mix. I had half with the ingredients above, then whizzed it up some more with a banana to make a smoothie.















Now I'm sure there are a few Non BJJ heads reading this blog and wondering how to get hold of Acai. You can buy it online from www.sublimefood.co.uk but you have to buy it in bulk, so make sure you like it first! I really don't know why you wouldn't though....

Those who train at Carlson Gracie in London and Essex, you can of course buy it there. In London Lee will make you a smoothie to take away after training and Sarah, of course, will assist. You don't have to train in these places to buy Acai, you can just pop in.














Jolie x